This Is Us (S03E03) “Katie Girls”

Life decisions are made in this episode of This Is Us.

“Katie Girls” is an excellent episode where it dives into life changing decisions and facing the fears of those decisions.… More

This Is Us (S03E02) “A Philadelphia Story”

“A Philadelphia Story” was another powerful, inspirational episode that dives into life’s changes. Whether it’s from Rebecca dealing with moving to a new home weeks after Jack’s death and coming to terms that Kevin and Kate aren’t okay .… More

Black Panther (Spoiler free) In-Depth Review

This is not your typical superhero movie.  Yes, it has all the elements of one, and is part of the Marvel Universe, but it’s a movie that’s completely stand a lone.  If you’re like me and haven’t seen every single Marvel film or read all the comics up to this point, you can still understand and thoroughly enjoy the movie.… More