Stitchers: (S02E09) “The Guest”

One of the best episodes so far, the way they managed to integrate the problem and solving part into the narration of the new character the sister made it really awesome.

The problem and solving not being very important, but rather the main part of the episode was the introduction of the sister Ivy who partnered up with her to solve the case.… More “Stitchers: (S02E09) “The Guest””

Stitchers: (S02E08) “Red-Eye”

With new technology, things get easier but once you get to know it better you can further improve. 

With an airport situation going to a plane situation, a true tragedy took place. Twelve people lost their life because of one person, which is what keeps on happening in real life a lot of collateral damage.… More “Stitchers: (S02E08) “Red-Eye””

Stitchers: (S02E02) ‘Hack Me If You Can’

As expected we are going back to the usual one episode story. But this time they have improved their style of presenting it as they added elements which are interesting in between. 

Take for example Camille wanting to learn how to fight, Cameron wanting a bike and then they managed to create an intriguing story of how a hacker manages to play around with everything including the new house we saw Linus take.… More “Stitchers: (S02E02) ‘Hack Me If You Can’”

Stitchers: (S02E01) “2.0” [Premiere]

Surprisingly it wasn’t a problem solving episode but rather we saw a lot of things happen. 

With Turner now dead Maggie is the head so far and we now have two NSA agents 😂

They stitched into Turner and at first she saw Maggie but then a guy and when she stitched into her father she saw a gun go off basically something that happened by accident…

The whole series has now turned focus into finding the killer but when she said we go back to our job that could be some problem and solving coming though!… More “Stitchers: (S02E01) “2.0” [Premiere]”