Umbrella Academy Season 1 Overview

If you haven’t binged Umbrella Academy on Netflix yet, please do so ASAP. One of the best shows to come out this year, it’s a stunning ride from start to finish.… More

Luke Cage (S01E05) "Just to Get a Rep"

Cottonmouth’s vengeance against Luke became more personal as the crime boss did his worst to get Harlem to turn on its hero.  Cottonmouth’s men spread throughout the community, enforcing a “Luke Cage tax” on everyone in order to recoup his losses.  In the midst of the chaos, Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson) arrives hoping to find her true purpose.… More

Luke Cage (S01E01) "Moment of Truth"

Marvel’s Luke Cage looks to continue the “gritty and grounded” approach that Daredevil and Jessica Jones have perfected in previous Netflix outings.  With its opening episode, Moment of Truth, the series successfully continues this tone, while also giving us some welcome new wrinkles.