Law and Order: SVU (S19E18) "Service"

I’m really struggling with last night’s SVU. The premise was fine but overused, and the one highlight and beautiful moment of the night was held until the final 2 minutes of the episode.… More

Law and Order: SVU (S19E16) "Dare"

***spoilers ahead***

Addressing current issues is something that SVU excels at and last night was no exception. Looking at the current state of organ donations here vs that in Europe makes a compelling case for presumed consent, at least to this writer.… More

Law and Order: SVU (S19E15)"In Loco Parentis"

***spoilers ahead***

In this Dominick Carisi (Peter Scanavino) centered episode, SVU examines the realities of investigating and prosecuting the complicated sex crimes that are reported on college campuses.… More