IT Chapter Two (2019)

Alright guys and gals we have a really good review for all of you today. It’s a movie review to a wonderful and horrifyingly fantastic film that was first written as a book but turned into a film for its second time in film history we have IT Chapter Two.… More

Van Helsing (S03E07) “Hunted Down”

Okay guys and gals we had another great episode brought to us tonight, and I think we can all agree that we have so many questions after seeing tonight’s episode which we will get more in depth about that, but first lets get to this review!… More

Van Helsing(S02E12): "Crooked Falls"

So once again we have another amazing episode! But we also had some losses in this episode one in which made me sad, I’m starting to think that the certain character who felt loss in this episode is not meant to ever be happy again.… More

Damnation (S01E03) "One Penny"

This episode of Damnation shows how deep the hypocrisy of the midwest really runs as it opens with an All American family with its mother, father, and six boys.  They chit chat about playing centerfield for the Cardinals, then the mother goes and gets some sodas for a treat.  As the camera follows her in the shed, it reveals nooses and black robes with hoods and the Black Legion, (which could be compared to the KKK) as proudly displayed as baseball trophies would be.… More

Damnation (S01E02) "Of Doom"

The battle for a good wage continues as the town deals with the aftermath of seeing Seth’s message at the end of the last episode when he nailed Sam Riley’s body to the door of the bank.  The sign “Who’s side are you on?” is the question everyone’s asking themselves as we dig deeper into this struggle and find out more about what really’s going on in this sleepy little town.… More

Damnation (S01E01) "Sam Riley's Body"

USA’s latest show premiered and is already off with a bang, with a high body count and lots of action last Tuesday night.  Set in Iowa in the 1930s, the show follows a shady cast in a town where no one is as they seem.… More