Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Part 3)

sabrina part 3 300x169 - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Part 3)

After Chilling Adventures of Sabrina amazing quality part 2 finale, I must say I had very high expectations for part 3, however there are several reasons as to why this did and didn’t meet them.… More

Unbelievable (2019)

(Trigger warning: discusses the topic of sexual assault)

Last week Netflix released the powerful miniseries Unbelievable, based on true events of a young girls heartbreaking experience of injustice and two female detectives determined to catch a dangerous serial rapist.More

The Deuce “What Big Ideas” (S02E04)

The Deuce’s “What Big Ideas” digs deep into the smallness of many character’s dreams. Some learn their expectations of themselves and others lead to success or failure.… More

The Deuce (S02E03) “Seven-Fifty”


Money and fucking still rule The Deuce

As the third episode of season 2, “Seven-Fifty”, shows the brilliance of a common David Simon & George Pelecanos theme.… More