The 100 (S05E02) "Red Queen"

Episode 2 gave us the answers to our questions about What the hell happened at the bunker this past 6 years?
We say hello to a new side of Octavia and goodbye to a controversial character.

In the past season, Octavia won the conclave for the right to take the bunker and survive the radiation.… More “The 100 (S05E02) "Red Queen"”

The 100 (S05E01) "Eden"

And The 100 is back on!

Season 5 started and I must say, from the past seasons this is one of the most fantastic premiers.

Season 4 left us with a cliffhanger showing us that along the way Clarke met a young nightblood called Madi and they’ve been living together, while the rest of the group where divided between the underground and the space.… More “The 100 (S05E01) "Eden"”

The 100: (S03E12) ‘Demons’

This episode will deal with the demons of Clarke’s past. Well specifically, the unrelenting Emerson. I swear this guy will not die.. Until this episode of course.

Even though I’m glad this finally happened and that annoyance is put to rest, I was a bit disappointed that this episode had nothing to do with the task at hand – stopping Ally.… More “The 100: (S03E12) ‘Demons’”

The 100: (S03E10) ‘Fallen’

After last week’s emotionally draining episode, I was looking forward to the payback. And in The 100 style it definitely came. I know Octavia chooses to deal with what happened her way but part of me is half expecting a breakdown after she finally gets over this violence patch.… More “The 100: (S03E10) ‘Fallen’”

The 100 Means Business!

In the previous two episodes of The 100 we all saw the unexpected. The symbol of the LGBT community got killed in the most ridiculous way ever and the man who was able to understand the bigger picture who fell in love with a sky crew and has played a pivotal role in uniting the two clans got killed off also.… More “The 100 Means Business!”