The Big Bang Theory (S11E21) “The Comet Polarization”

missmayim s11e21 the comet polarization apr 20 18 - The Big Bang Theory (S11E21) "The Comet Polarization"                                                  EDIT: @missmayim
We pose this question, if Neil Gaiman (playing himself) ever walked in a comic book store, would you even know he was there?… More

The Big Bang Theory (S11E19) “The Tenant Disassociation”

bigbangtheory sheldon and penny april 6 18 - The Big Bang Theory (S11E19) “The Tenant Disassociation”                                                 EDIT: @thebigbangtheory

All the discourse starts over a food truck. Friends become frenemies… For now, at least…  You see Friday nights are reserved for Chinese dinners.… More

“The Big Bang Theory” (S11E18) “The Gates Excitation”

missmayimbialik leonard and bill gates apr 6 18 - “The Big Bang Theory” (S11E18) "The Gates Excitation"                                                  EDIT:@missmayimbialik

We have a very famous guest star this week. It’s none other than Bill Gates starring as himself.

He appears for a very brief period in the show.… More