Ashley Gerasimovich: A Young Talent On The Rise

Ashley stars as “Delilah Parker” on the hit TBS family series The Detour. Currently in Season 2 which started on 21 Feb 2017, Nate [Jason Jones] receives a promising job opportunity and the family moves to New York for a fresh start, everyone is excited but Robin [Natalie Zea], who knows that a move to the big city means her mysterious past may catch up with her.… More

The Detour: (S01E08) “The Drop”

If you are a huge killer for Christmas, you might want to move to this place in Florida. 

Like any Christmas, things may sometimes start our bad but it always ends with fun and happiness.… More

The Detour: (S01E06) “The Wedding”

It starts at the police station where the lady is still interrogating Nate. He tries to explain that he had no idea about the man who they lived with and we’re just grateful he let them stay with them.… More

The Detour: (S01E05) ‘The B & B’

After the children get food poisoning, the doctor invites them to their homes. 

Like any couple married for a long time, the honesty increases and well comments of being shabby or fat just become normal.… More