The Expanse (S02E09) “The Weeping Somnambulist”

In general, I have very few complaints about the adaptation of the novels to the TV show. There is one scene from the prior episode where I would have wished that it was closer to the book, and that was when Gunny sees the Protomolecule on Ganymede. In the book, Protomolecule Man picks Gunny up and in the process of this interaction, it hurls her a large distance, which simultaneously seriously injures her, but actually saves her, too. It reinforces her memory of Protomolecule Man, as well. In the show, in the small snippet of the battle, Gunny sees the UN team FIRING BACKWARDS, but she is prevented from elaborating on this during her questioning by Martens or her testimony to the Earth and Martian diplomats. This might mean that many viewers didn't completely catch that either. However, I fully trust that the writing and production team will integrate this information into the ongoing story. As usual, a rewatch is invaluable. Watching once gives the broad strokes, but this show is full of subtlety, easily missed, particularly if viewers live tweet. My recommendation is to watch twice. At a minimum, make sure you watch this show carefully at least once. This episode was all about people being short-sighted. Errinwright and Sorrento-Gillis don't fully grasp what is going on, and Janus doesn't understand what is happening on Venus. People's limited views have really significant impact and this is setting up the continuing storyline. In the meantime, large swaths of people are impacted by events which have been set in motion. I'm looking forward to seeing what action Avasarala will take in reaction to her clear disbelief in Bobbie's story AND her concern over what is being observed on Venus. Also, what will the crew find out on Ganymede?

The Expanse (S02E08) “Pyre”

Most people have a very bad habit of classifying large chunks of people in binary terms as either all "bad" or all "good." But the reality is that there is ALWAYS a mix of good and bad people, as well as good and bad IN people. In The Expanse, many viewers have taken the side of the Belters. Some, because they love certain characters, like Naomi and Miller. Others, because as a class, the Belters are the clear underdogs. Generally, they risk life and limb for rich corporate owners who apparently couldn't care less about them, either individually or as a group. Fans of Earthers tend to like Holden or, really, Avasarala. They have exposed their imperfections, as well. Amos is a fascinating Earther, beloved and feared all at once. Martian fans like Alex, or more recently, Bobbie. The Mars faction is a little less developed than the Earther or Belter factions in terms of quantities of deep characters or back stories (so far). This episode really digs into the issue of the risk of thinking of a group as all "good" or "bad," especially if you unequivocally favor Belters. This was a completely packed episode. Although they were always evident, the fault lines between the Belters and the Earthers have deepened to an unsustainable level. It's provoking the very worst behavior, and every time people do their worst, it just causes terrible repercussions. This episode made quite a few Belters look extremely bad. The Belter on the refugee ship spacing completely innocent people, and the Belters who are willing to send nuclear missiles to blast Earth (despite the fact that there are BILLIONS of innocent people there, as well) honestly represent the worst of humanity. Personalizing the impact of awful actions makes everyone realize the consequences, but it doesn't seem to be enough to stop people from behaving dreadfully. This episode had room for personal development, as well, as we see Amos still working through his issues resulting from interacting with kids and just how close he is to being out of control. The episode ratcheted up the tension by continuing to provide so many indicators that Drummer was the traitor, only to have her satisfyingly vindicated.

The Expanse (S02E07) “The Seventh Man”

This week's The Expanse begins the next major story arc, in earnest. The focus shifts to Ganymede where Episode 6, "Paradigm Shift" ended, with Bobbie Draper lying on the Ganymede ground, and everyone wondering, what happened? And, who started it? Earth, Mars and the Belt all believe it is someone else who is responsible. Ganymede is the farm planet, responsible for feeding colonists, in particular. So, the destruction of the mirror is critical. Plus, this damaged facilities on the largest moon of Jupiter. This episode is intriguing, but very subtle and it's possible some viewers may miss clues being left as to what is happening on Ganymede. They also should wonder what Mars is doing with the information taken from Bobbie while she was enhanced. It should seem clear that she is not lying, but they don't seem to want to pay attention. Or, are they? What does Dawes want with Cortazar. That was an interesting move to spirit Cortazar away. Where's Amos? Amos is fascinated by Cortazar and his lack of emotion. It seems he's conflicted over the possibility of getting rid of feelings of guilt. Amos doesn't seem to trust his sense of people. Dawes is very clever in determining that Holden (and by extension Naomi) and Johnson have something that they are not sharing or willing to use against the Earth. It raises a question. Did Drummer tell Dawes about Cortazar? If so, that's a very deep betrayal of Johnson. The special effects are just stunning. The blood flakes were an amazing touch and so very unique. The chase of the ship from the station was exciting and realistic.

The Expanse (S02E06) “Paradigm Shift”

How do you follow a episode that could have been a season finale based on its strength? You begin, in earnest, to pursue the story arc of the next book that your series is based upon. And, you throw in the origin story of the space engine drive that makes this intrastellar travel possible (and opened up the possibility of generational interstellar travel). Some have called this episode a filler episode, but that is a function of handling the emotions of "Home" and the unexpected loss of a major character. This episode features one of the best take-downs of an arrogant politician ever scripted and delivered. An unsung episode, with some great action and information, it will be appreciated later. We find out about how the Epstein Drive was developed but also about how it was a paradigm shift in the relationship between Earth and Mars. This highlights the current apparent paradigm shift which is happening, but not everyone is aware of it. The episode illustrates just how tribal human beings are, and how little it takes for even a close team to devolve back into factions. We get great insight into Avasarala's ability to discern the big picture, her fear AND her righteous anger at people who would sacrifice humanity for the sake of profit. We see cracks appear in close relationships. And, some decisions being made which will have profound consequences for future events. And, grab your hats, the Ganymede storyline is great. Have a slug of ProtoGin on me.

The Expanse (S02E05) “Home”

For those viewers who had not read Leviathan Wakes, this was an utter shock. It marked the end of Miller, a character with whom many bonded. For followers of the book, this was masterfully done, and conveyed the crew's desperation to rescue Miller (almost more than the compulsion to save the planet, which you know affected them, particularly Holden). It also showed Miller's sheer determination to muscle that bomb along and accomplish his objective. It's sad to think of the rest of the season without Miller, but there is equal excitement to watch the next segment of the story which is the beginning of Caliban's War. Fans of Bobbie should be very happy as her arc escalates. As far as effects go, this episode equaled its previous mastery, both in terms of covering the Eros chase, and particularly in giving life both to the blue fireflies, as well as showing the construction and "animation" of blue Julie. Although brief, the Venus strike was gorgeous. If you have not read "Drive," a short story by James SA Corey (nom de plume of authors Abraham Daniels and Ty Franck), I recommend that you go read this RIGHT NOW.

The Expanse (S02E04) “Godspeed”

The amazing and pitch-perfect pace continues. This episode should, and I imagine WILL, win technical awards for the absolutely stunning FX. A great deal of the ability to immerse yourself in a show is dependent on excellent, clean direction and believable special effects. The entire complement of people making this show are completely dedicated professionals. The actors have true fidelity to their characters. This show is based on a series of books with enormous scope and it is evident in the rich tapestry of relationships, politics and technical believability woven into the episodes. Whether you have read the books or not, you are immersed in a very similar experience, likely due to the deep involvement of the creators of the books, Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck (writing under James SA Corey). It's hard to believe we are only four episodes into the second season. An additional aspect to the show that I love is the parallels in character motivation. In this episode, we saw Avasarala make a decision about releasing information, which parallels Holden's original decision. We see Holden make a decision to destroy the Marasmus, and innocent people, for the greater good, which parallel's Miller's decision to kill Dresden (not for revenge, but to protect people). It adds layers to the show for people who pay close attention.

The Expanse (S02E03) “Static”

I want to give a little tip of the hat to Miller, because in the book - if I recall correctly, it's actually Miller who figures out that the bloo goo on Eros is sentient. Hmm, I hear a book reread calling my name. As I've said for three reviewcaps now, these episodes are covering a LOT of ground with little to no significant loss of fidelity to the books. As usual, the visuals were really stunning. I loved the interior shots of the Mormon recruiting location/chapel. Very impressive to watch the chapel turn into a simulation and watch IT convert into farm/sunlit area. Miller has done such a good job of camouflaging himself as "Earther" when he's clearly Belter, that the scenes of Miller with Naomi and Diogo, bonding, were quite notable. The peek into Amos' background is intriguing. All the people on the Roci, including Miller, are damaged but talented people. They run the ship on a very minimal crew but effectively. However, will this come at a cost? Diogo was adorable. The direction was excellent and the music, subtle with occasional callbacks to the show theme is wonderful.

The Expanse (S02E02) “Doors and Corners”

Things are moving very rapidly this season. There is not one moment of lag, and that is amazing considering the effort required to portray all of these space locations AND future Earth. None of the characters are perfect! They have tempers and commit heinous crimes. The reveal at the end of what Dresden was doing is especially chilling if you listen to the utterly calm and rational way that he justifies the "rounding error" of the Eros experiment. Everyone has a different idea about what should be done, but Miller acts swiftly, not allowing anyone to respond to the siren song. I loved the callback to Diogo, and Andrew Rotilio nails the exuberance of knowing you are living on "extra" time, because you should have died.

The Expanse (S02E01) “Safe”

Such a strong start to the season! The beauty of the books are the complex threads, which, when combined, tell a wonderful and terrible story of humanity and beyond. Last season, some viewers didn't like the perspective changes, but they are elegantly timed to inform the viewer of the big picture, one small picture at a time. Characters are showing their complexity. The visuals are stunning. I have absolutely no trouble in losing myself and thinking I'm actually in space with the various characters. The show is dedicated, almost fanatical, about the accuracy of what they depict, without it being SO nerdy it turns people off. Grade: A

The Expanse: (S01E09) “Critical Mass”

After watching it for 18 minutes the whole story became clear. How Julie linked to whole story acting as the core element of the whole plot! 
A cop and a whole group who got separated from their ship because they took a distress signal all end up at the same point 8 episodes later investigating and trying to make sure that they are not the ones that get a war started.… More “The Expanse: (S01E09) “Critical Mass””

The Expanse S01E04: CQB  

Review: This episode was an eye opener, there are not only three groups but four now. 

  • Earth
  • Martians
  • OP
  • Unknown

Now it could be the Unknown are Op. We also got to know they have this self healing could be nanotech reconstructing the hand that got shot of there. More “The Expanse S01E04: CQB  ”