The Grinder: (S01E21) “Divergence”


As always the episode opens with an episode within an episode. The Grinder, Mitch, is cleaning his boat and his son arrives home from the war and they embrace.More

Jolene Wipf

Jolene Wipf

Bio: I have always loved reading, movies, & TV. They are a good way to escape from reality for a while and immerse myself into an alternate universe.… More

The Grinder: (S01E18) “Genesis”

The best episode so far, it showed how Dean used to live before he started being The Grinder. 

Integrating it with the present time we got to learn that he was on a verge of quitting and they utilised this plot to connect the whole brother saving him and bringing him back in both situations as the brother made the break in happen.… More

The Grinder: (S01E15) “The Ties that Grind”

Going on with the father being sued for his practice, the whole controlling issue was again addressed in this episode to an extent where the ‘boyfriend’ of the daughter was part of the group therapy.… More

The Grinder: (S01E14) “The Retooling of Dean Sanderson”

We saw an appearance from Colton Haynes as the son of The Grinder in the series inside The Grinder called The Grinder 😂

With the usual brother problems but this time we actually got a therapist into the equation! 

And man Dean loves to take every opportunity to annoy his brother!… More