The O.C. Season 3

Marissa's Death - The O.C. Season 3

Review: (Season) the season was now getting boring with Johnny replacing Oliver but not that mad, Ryan always solving problems for others and Vulchuck creating more problems. In general they were repeating the story with different people this time.More “The O.C. Season 3”

The O.C. Season 2


Review: (Season) season 2 starts with Seth coming back after being convinced by Ryan and he tried to get back with Summer who was with Zach. He ends up messing up with his own comics which he starts with Summer & Zach after they become good friends but the competition for Summer always destroying their friendships.More “The O.C. Season 2”

The O.C. Season 1 


Review: (Season) the settings is what makes the series special a high school based series which has all the elements that you watch in a movie. Ryan gets in the middle of a car heist because of his brother only to be saved by Sandy who takes him home.More “The O.C. Season 1 ”