Animal Among Us (2019 Film) Review

If you think that “Animal Among Us” was a film that you know all too well without seeing it, guess again. This film keeps you guessing until its shocking ending.

OWN’s Ambitions: Subverts Expectations At Every Turn

Ambitions Review: Summer’s new daring, sexy bodacious escape is a show that subverts expectations at every turn, ushering in a new mark for TV and becoming the appointment soap opera. 11 episodes of high stake adrenaline packed with a cliffhanger. With a first-rate cast starring: Robin Givens, Brian J. White, Essence Atkins, Kendrick Cross, Brely Evans and Erica Page. 

The Shape of Water (Spoiler Free)

In Guillermo Del Toro's latest masterpiece, a "fairy tale for troubled times," as he puts it, The Shape of Water instantly transports you into a world where it feels like the real world, yet at the same time, you're whisked away on a fantasy thrill ride where the outsiders are the heroes and "the man" or "the government" is the villain.

Mr. Mercedes (S01E10) "Jibber-Jabber Chicken Dinner"

Wow, with this being a season finale for our freshmen series that has sold the hearts of Stephen King fans for a television series. This finale had a lot that went on but thats good because it gives me a lot to talk about in this review, but I’m also curious to see what they will do with this series when Season 2 premiere’s in 2018; but I guess we will have to wait and see.… More “Mr. Mercedes (S01E10) "Jibber-Jabber Chicken Dinner"”