Timeless (S02E09) & (S02E010) “The General/Chinatown”

The season finale of Timeless gives us a fitting ending and an open lifeboat door to a possible Season 3. I’m putting these two episodes together as they aired that way as a short movie length special. I doubt I’m alone when I say that it still wasn’t long enough.

Timeless (S02E06) “The King of the Delta Blues”

Are you kidding me right now Anslem Richardson? The talented actor/screenwriter/filmmaker/visual artist joins the Timeless team this week by way of story editor, and I dare say he did this show AND Robert Johnson darn proud.… More

Timeless (S02E04) “The Salem Witch Hunt”

What a way to return from a full two-week break! Wowza. If the title alone wasn’t enough of a mental image for you, the stage is now well set for what we are about to witness in this weeks episode.… More