Timeless (S02E09) & (S02E010) “The General/Chinatown”

The season finale of Timeless gives us a fitting ending and an open lifeboat door to a possible Season 3. I’m putting these two episodes together as they aired that way as a short movie length special. I doubt I’m alone when I say that it still wasn’t long enough.

Timeless (S02E07) "Mrs. Sherlock Holmes"

As this season gets closer to its close, I’m still astounded at the quality content Timeless can deliver. From one powerful subject to the next, this show touches on how delicate the re-shaping of a nation can be.… More

Timeless (S02E06) “The King of the Delta Blues”

Are you kidding me right now Anslem Richardson? The talented actor/screenwriter/filmmaker/visual artist joins the Timeless team this week by way of story editor, and I dare say he did this show AND Robert Johnson darn proud.… More

Timeless (S02E04) “The Salem Witch Hunt”

What a way to return from a full two-week break! Wowza. If the title alone wasn’t enough of a mental image for you, the stage is now well set for what we are about to witness in this weeks episode.… More