The Alienist (S01E01): “The Boy on the Bridge”

The better part of a quarter century ago, I was out to dinner with some friends in New York City. One of those friends worked for a literary agency, and told us all about a new author her agency had just signed and the author’s brilliant book they had just sold for a considerable sum of money.… More

TNT Sets Premiere Date for The Alienist

TNT has announced the premiere date for the thrilling original series. The adaptation of the Caleb Carr’s award winning international bestseller novel, The Alients premiere Monday, Jan.… More

The Last Ship (S04E08) "Lazaretto"

This weeks episode “Lazaretto” begins with with Vellek and Christos in a flashback scene. One of the most revealing moments this week is undoubtedly Christos’ mysteriousness finally coming to an end, and what the newly learnt truth might mean for the final 2 episodes next Sunday.… More

The Last Ship (S04E06) “Tempest”

To label this episode as intense would be an understatement. After last week’s uneventful and slow moving storyline, Sunday nights ‘Tempest’ lived up to the chaotic connotations of its name.… More

The Last Ship (S04E03) "Bread and Circuses"

Last week’s episodic narrative comes to an end in the latest episode of The Last Ship. Whilst the format begins half focused on the Nathan James crew and half on Tom Chandler, by the end of the episode, Chandler is reunited with the crew, to both his and their surprise after his 16-month absence.


Proof (S01E09) “Tsunami” (1)

img 2149 - Proof (S01E09) "Tsunami" (1) 
Review: this episode got up to a new level, the flow and pace same though with Badawi getting a visit by his “wife” but his “father in law” making him an offer.More

Franklin & Bash

tv franklin bash07 - Franklin & Bash

Franklin & Bash is a comedy style law series which has 4 seasons and unfortunately got cancelled. You will find all sorts of stupidity in it with epic and funny ways of solving problems in court.More