The Flash (S03E18) “Abra Kadabra”

What would you do to try to save the one you love from a future you saw coming? Well thats pretty much what the whole episode was having unfold throughout the whole episode. But this episode did keep my attention and did keep a fast pace (pun intended) which is something that the show runners haven’t been able to always do with every episode.… More “The Flash (S03E18) “Abra Kadabra””

The Flash (S03E08) “Invasion!”

Well, you really did it this time Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) you brought all the heroes of the time traveling, to the arrow shooting, to the superhuman alien, to (oh wait thats about everybody) and then it ends up being you against the world run by aliens mainly the Dominator’s (I know quite a rational and hostile name but its what they are named).… More “The Flash (S03E08) “Invasion!””

The Flash (S03E07) “Killer Frost”

Holy Cow everybody, with this being director/comedian Kevin Smith directing his second episode of The Flash I expected a huge amount of bad ass and awesomeness coming from his directing especially with the phenomenal job he did with The Flash Season 2 Run Away Dinosaur, that episode was one of the biggest rated episodes of all in Season 2.… More “The Flash (S03E07) “Killer Frost””

The Flash (S03E03) "Magenta"

So many things happened in this episode, so many things, where can I begin? Okay so we see Earth-2 Wells and Jesse come back to the show because of Jesse being a speedster. Then we get a new meta on the loose Magenta which for those who may be confused in why she has the same powers as Marvel’s villain Magneto its because either DC Comics or Marvel comics stole the characters powers from one or the other no one really knows who stole what from each others comic companies.… More “The Flash (S03E03) "Magenta"”

The Flash (S03E02) "Paradox"

Okay even though last weeks episode was good, I have to say that this episode was better a lot better. We got more insight in how Flashpoint messed up the timeline for not just The Flash series but for Arrow and for Legends of Tomorrow series as well, geez Barry can you do one thing and not screw up the timeline anymore please.… More “The Flash (S03E02) "Paradox"”