Venom (2018)

Guys and Gals, today I review a movie that some have called bad and others have called good, and I’m here to tell you all that I’m on the good side, then again there are no sides, the only side that matters is the side that our anti-hero is on.… More

Peaky Blinders, Season Four Overview

Peaky Blinders is back and with a vendetta against them.  Revolution, family, and vengeance is the order of the day.

The season is all about family.  Whether it’s the family business, which seems to be going well, family vendettas, which never ends well, or loosing family, family ties are tried and seemingly broken throughout the season as the vendetta against the New York Mafia, specifically Luca Changretta (Academy Award Winner Adrien Brody) against Arthur (played by Paul Anderson) for killing Luca’s father in a mercy killing a few seasons ago.  Don’t remember?  Neither did I.  I had to go back and watch to remember who the hell they were talking about.  The Changretta’s arrival from New York is felt immediately as the Peaky Blinders receive Black Hands Christmas Eve which are indicators that the whole family is set for death.… More

Taboo (S01E08): “Episode Eight”


Taboo’s season finale is an exciting and often cathartic end to the first season. The nature of the show’s narrative and dark main character left the outcome in doubt and it is a pleasant surprise to see something of a “happy” ending.… More

Taboo (S01E07): “Episode Seven”



That is the best word to describe Taboo’s seventh episode. In quick succession, we get several revelations about James Delaney’s (Tom Hardy) past.… More

Taboo (S01E06): “Episode Six”


James Delaney (Tom Hardy) has been nearly invincible in Taboo. The few setbacks he has suffered were either part of his plan or quickly resolved.… More

Taboo (S01E05): “Episode Five”


The duel between Thorne (Jefferson Hall) and Delaney (Tom Hardy) kicks off the Fifth Episode of Taboo and it takes a surprising turn.… More

Taboo: (S01E04) “Episode Four”


Taboo’s fourth episode is possibly the most cohesive episode so far as nearly every plot point came together for a pretty satisfying pay off. There’s a heist, an awesomely weird character is introduced and an interestingly playful relationship developed between Delaney (Tom Hardy) and Lorna (Jessie Buckley).… More

Taboo (S01E03): “Episode Three”


Taboo continues to mix outstanding visual storytelling with great acting in its dark tale of vengeance. We get an expertly executed personal reveal for Delaney (Tom Hardy) as he recovers from an assassin’s attack.… More