Damnation (S01E09) Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground

The showdown we knew was coming happened tonight between the farmers and the Black Legion in Holden.  Appropriately enough, at the Riley’s farm, where everything first started.  Lines were crossed, and revelations made on this episode of Damnation.… More

There's a lot of strong, smart, savage female characters that we generally don't see in this time period. Was that part of the appeal? Absolutely! These women have agency and ambition in a time period where that was not encouraged or expected

Damnation (S01E01) "Sam Riley's Body"

USA’s latest show premiered and is already off with a bang, with a high body count and lots of action last Tuesday night.  Set in Iowa in the 1930s, the show follows a shady cast in a town where no one is as they seem.… More