This Is Us (S03E14) “The Graduates”

This week’s episode of This Is Us had moments of joyous occasion to heartbreaking moments, but there was a WTF moment that really upset me and it’s not what you would think.… More

This Is Us (S03E04) “Vietnam”

This week’s episode of This Is Us was a for sure a powerful one to remember.

In the beginning of the episode we see Jack finding Nicky at one moment; then we move back from present to past and back to present.… More

This Is Us (S03E01) “Nine Bucks” Season Premiere

NUP 183539 3704 FULL 300x200 - This Is Us (S03E01) "Nine Bucks" Season Premiere

The season premiere of This Is Us left us with joy and tearful moments but the end left us shocked.

It’s Kate, Kevin and Randall’s 38th birthday, while they celebrate it they’re dealing more than getting ready for a party.… More

This Is Us “Ava Maria” Season 3 Sneak Peak

NUP 183984 0005 FULL 300x169 - This Is Us "Ava Maria" Season 3 Sneak Peak

We’re 10 days away til the season premiere of This Is Us. Here’s a sneak peak of the new season and photos from the season premiere, “Ava Maria.”

“Ava Maria”

Season Premiere: When celebrating their 38th birthday, Randall, Kate and Kevin find themselves on new paths.… More