FBI (S01E02) “Green Birds”

When several people in New York City start dying from food that they’ve gotten from a take-out place, Agents Bell and Zidan learn that it wasn’t just the bad cooking that was killing people, but something even more sinister.… More

This Is Us (S03E07) “Sometimes”

Last night’s episode of This Is Us was just another reason why this show is at it’s best.

“Sometimes” was another amazing episode; with such strong character development and moments that didn’t make the story too loud or soft.… More

This Is Us “Ava Maria” Season 3 Sneak Peak

NUP 183984 0005 FULL 300x169 - This Is Us "Ava Maria" Season 3 Sneak Peak

We’re 10 days away til the season premiere of This Is Us. Here’s a sneak peak of the new season and photos from the season premiere, “Ava Maria.”

“Ava Maria”

Season Premiere: When celebrating their 38th birthday, Randall, Kate and Kevin find themselves on new paths.… More

This Is Us Season 3 Sneak Peak

We’re just about a month away til the anticipated season premiere of This Is Us.  Here’s a sneak peak of the upcoming third season.… More

Chicago Med (S03E17) "The Parent Trap"

It was all about the parents in this week’s episode of Chicago Med.

“The Parent Trap” serves the title purpose when talking about what this episode is all about: parents.… More

Chicago Med (S03E16) "An Inconvenient Truth"

A simple surgical procedure goes wrong, a mother goes against the doctor’s advice on her child, while one doctor deals with her father’s illness while another learns the meaning of “a break.”

Let’s be honest, the Rhodes-Bekker relationship might not be quite as popular with the viewers, but it’s been one hell of a story arc with balancing their feelings with one another with their work.… More