Wynonna Earp (S03E12) “War Paint”

Wynonna Earp battle Bulshar to halt his plans to enter the Garden and finally break the Earp Curse. Unfortunately, there are severe costs for Wynonna in order to win as the Season 3 finale leaves us with a ton of new questions and the fate of multiple characters hanging in the air.

Wynonna Earp (S03E11) “Daddy Lessons”

Wynonna Earp attempts to reason with her enemies in order to survive the impending apocalyptic doom without losing her sister. Waverly finally meets her dad in a wild twist. The rest of the gang search for solutions and prepare for the worst.

The Deuce (S02E03) “Seven-Fifty”


Money and fucking still rule The Deuce

As the third episode of season 2, “Seven-Fifty”, shows the brilliance of a common David Simon & George Pelecanos theme.… More

Bodyguard (S01E05) – “Episode 5”


The truth is soon to come out

After analysis, the bomb wasn’t in the briefcase. But, activated by a pressure sensor, on which Tahir Mahmood stood on.… More

The Affair (S04E10) “Season Finale”

The time has come to say goodbye to Showtime’s original series, The Affair…at least for this season. Each season hits a home run, while viewers take an emotional journey: grief, sadness, joy, anger, hurt and anticipation.… More

Westworld: “The Passenger” (S02E10)


Westworld has been an excellent example of great science fiction in its relatively short lifespan. It asked questions about humanity’s true nature as we followed a “robot apocalypse.” There were some genuinely shocking and often emotional moments in the second season.… More