Young Sheldon (S02E09) “Family Dynamics and a Red Fiero”

George senior ( Lance Barber) gets a job offer in Oklahoma and is thinking of accepting it but Mary (Zoe Perry)  doesn’t have any intention of moving so she starts looking for ways to discourage him from accepting the job. While George senior who really likes the job , starts imputing the idea of moving…

Supernatural (S14E06) “Optimism”

Note to Readers: Hello all & welcome back to another one of my amazing reviews. So I just wanted to say that Supernatural won’t be returning until November 29th to The CW. So save the date in your calendar, now without further ado here’s my review.    “So, I have read all the books.” “Nerd.”   Now on…

The Gifted (S02E06) “iMprint”

The Gifted certainly amped things up this week with drama on all sides. It’s nice to see things continuing to head towards what will be an intense climax. We got to see more back story for Rebecca, as well as the Cuckoos. It made me happy to see that Esme and her sister’s origins were…

Supernatural (S14E03) “The Scar”

“I’m okay.” These are usual the main words we always hear from Dean after he’s gone through something traumatic. He does his best to brush it off like everything is okay and just storm right back into battle. Same old, same old Dean. But no. He comes back to the bunker being change, a lot….

Manifest (S01E05) “Connecting Flights”

This review contains some major spoilers for the fifth episode of Manifest entitled Connecting Flights (as well as some for the other episodes). Fallouts and Flashbacks This week’s episode, felt a lot like a palate cleanser even more subdued than last weeks as we get a glimpse at how those that were left behind by…

Doctor Who (S11E03) “Rosa”

Learn your history. Respect those who made the painful decisions, who paved a way forward. Carry it on. Do not let their sacrifices go to waste.

The Goldbergs (S06E04) “Hershey Park”

Beverly tries to guilt Adam into letting her chaperone the school field trip while Barry and Geoff are trying to figure out what kind of job they want to do in the future.