The Handmaid’s Tale (S02E01) “June”

Praise be!  The Handmaid’s Tale is back, to creep us out, infuriate us, terrify us, and warn us.  Last season ended in in the same way the book did, in that vaguely the Lady or the Tiger-ish way.… More

A.P. Bio (S01E10) "Durbin Crashes"

This episode was one of Patton Oswalt’s best ones yet.

As Durbin hears the rest of the teachers talking about how they love a hit sci fi show, that seems to be Midnight, Texas, and wants to ignore any spoilers because he hasn’t seen any of the episodes yet due to his wife not ready to watch it with him.… More

Shadowhunters (S03E02) "The Powers That Be" Review

Not going to lie: Shadowhunters is only on episode 2 of its junior year and it was already a filler. Enjoyable and emotional, but still a filler episode nonetheless, that didn’t further the plot in any way.… More