TVD: (S07E12) “Postcards from the Edge”

TVD has a major problem being that they don’t give the plot it’s full or the best ending. 

This season had a very strong villain that kept on troubling the whole town named Jullian.… More

The Vampire Diaries: (S07E11) “Things We Lost In The Fire”

We have seen the hell of Damon, this one was the hell of Stefen. 

Of course unlike Damon, Stefen had a good relationship with his mother as he said his goodbye and tried his best to enjoy his time with his mother so she wouldn’t be the one haunting him but rather the man of the hour the devil himself Damon haunted him pushing him down to drown over and over again to a point where Stefen let go and that is how he felt very guilty.… More

The Vampire Diaries: (S07E10) ‘Hell is other people’

I actually enjoyed this episode, something which I haven’t had the pleasure to do so for the past few seasons. 

The whole repetition became hilarious as he always ended up trying to get back to the start to the point where he is restarting it.… More

The Vampire Diaries S07E09: Cold as Ice (Mid-Season Finale)

Review: This season was more or less filled with action but no clear direction. It was more like all they want to do is kill Julian and then they fail. 

The whole hiding Elena is like the whole Rebecca situation in The Originals. 

The interesting part of the whole season is Lily who they kill off, her two families trying to kill each other. 

I for one am a fan of Nora now and ML but more Nora who seems to be the best of them.More