Wynonna Earp (S03E04) “No Cure for Crazy”

[SPOILER] This week’s Wynonna Earp reveals the truth behind Mama Earp’s arrest while the gang explores Murder Tree Lane. Bulshar provides a tempting offer to one of the gang.

The Bold Type (S02E10) “We’ll Always Have Paris”

Sad news everyone. It’s the last time I get to write about our iconic trio this year. This season came to an end and I’m right after double-watching the finale. Got to say I’m gonna miss this, sharing opinion about episodes and also I’m gonna miss the feeling, you know, cuz I’m having fun with…

Once Upon a Chad – Nerks of the Hub

Chad Michael Collins chats with the Nerks in this newest podcast. He talked about making his Sony franchise Sniper, Oncer Fans, werewolf bikers, DnD and all sorts of Nerk things. Our hosts even deemed him a Pegasus, listen to find out why! 

BelowDeckMed (S03E12) “Take this Job and Stew It”

After Conrad and Hannah split over 50 Euros during dinner, it’s Joao and Conrad’s turn. One thing about BelowDeckMed, it’s never boring! Conrad, still fuming over Hannah’s blow up over the money, is pouting in a corner when Jdouchebag or Jezi or J’s 50th alternate personality that’s surfaced so far, decides it’d be a good…

Preacher (S03E07) “Hilter”

Preacher, where secrets have deadly consequences and everyone is trying to kill each other. Just another day in Angelville.