Wynonna Earp (S03E10) “The Other Woman”

Wynonna Earp gets a mysterious visitor, who may have a secret weapon to defeat Bulshar but at a devastating cost. Nicole, Doc, and Jeremy search the home of the Fire Witch for Father Juan Carlo's journal to gain info on Bulshar's plan.

Wynonna Earp (S03E09) “Undo It”

Wynonna battles Bulshar in a nightmare world that tests her emotionally and physically. Dani Kind a.k.a. Mercedes returns to Purgatory for money to fix her damaged face. WayHaught search for ways to remove Bulshar's ring from Wavelry's finger before she accidentally hurts someone--or worse, herself.

Wynonna Earp (S03E08) “Waiting Forever for You”

It's date night in Purgatory! Waverly throws a BGD (Big Gay Dinner) and Wynonna's date turns to Vamp Stake Night when she confronts Kate, who tells the story of her and Doc's relationship. Meanwhile, an old enemy returns.

Wynonna Earp (S03E05) “Jolene”

This week's Wynonna Earp episode features standard Earp craziness, harsh insecurities, and a fun, chaotic bar brawl with a crooning Jolene. But for many fans, myself included, it struck a personal chord when Waverly faces down a physical representation of her inner demons.

Quantico: (S02E02) "Lipstick"

This weeks Quantico managed to not only hold my attention but for once it also got it right to not confuse me. I was still annoyed that this episode focused too much on Ryan and Alex but we still learned some new info on Alex classmates, which as I said before is my favourite part.… More “Quantico: (S02E02) "Lipstick"”

The Fosters (S04E08): "Girl Code"

This week’s episode of The Foster’s contained all things robotics but it wasn’t without some drama, some loving and some heartbreak. With Season 4 quickly approaching its mid-season finale, you can sense a feeling of anticipation and anxiety as quite a few of the characters are meeting, head on, personal challenges.More “The Fosters (S04E08): "Girl Code"”

The Fosters (S4E04): "Now for Then"

What The Fosters has perfected, four seasons in, is exploring social issues is the most subtle of ways but with a poignancy that resonates with us all. Throughout this week’s episode, quite a few of our characters are seen to be dealing with past experiences, haunting in nature, still very much a part of their daily lives.More “The Fosters (S4E04): "Now for Then"”

Wentworth (S4E10): "Smitten"

As the end draws closer, I’m finding it increasingly harder to form coherent sentences when it comes to reviewing Wentworth. And this my friends, is a good thing. It floors me still that Wentworth has the ability to elicit such profound personal responses; it is through the storytelling and the commitment of this ensemble, that we as an audience are lucky enough to sit back and feel represented.More “Wentworth (S4E10): "Smitten"”