Wynonna Earp (S03E08) “Waiting Forever for You”

It’s date night in Purgatory! Waverly throws a BGD (Big Gay Dinner) and Wynonna’s date turns to Vamp Stake Night when she confronts Kate, who tells the story of her and Doc’s relationship. Meanwhile, an old enemy returns.

Wynonna Earp (S03E07) “I Fall to Pieces”

Wynonna Earp “I Fall to Pieces” features some WynHaught craziness, the return of drunk Nicole, and Mama Earp seeks Doc’s help in her search for Waverly’s father, Julian.

Wynonna Earp (S03E05) “Jolene”

This week’s Wynonna Earp episode features standard Earp craziness, harsh insecurities, and a fun, chaotic bar brawl with a crooning Jolene. But for many fans, myself included, it struck a personal chord when Waverly faces down a physical representation of her inner demons.

The Gifted (S01E12, S01E13) “eXtraction”, “X-roads”

Sadly my friends this is the finale for this season of The Gifted, but no need for tears as it has received a renewal! Until then, let’s break down the final two episodes. We start with the Strucker’s seeking out Reed’s mother to protect her from the hands of Sentinel. It was a short lived…

Quantico: (S02E02) "Lipstick"

This weeks Quantico managed to not only hold my attention but for once it also got it right to not confuse me. I was still annoyed that this episode focused too much on Ryan and Alex but we still learned some new info on Alex classmates, which as I said before is my favourite part….

Law & Order: SVU (S18E01): "Terrorized"

Review: 18, the number of seasons that Law & Order: SVU has been on our television screens. Can you believe it? I can. The powerful leadership of Mariska Hargitay, the storytelling and continuing commitment of the entire cast and creative team, is what sets it apart and above. And the most recent premiere is no…

Fear The Walking Dead (S02E13) "Date of Death"

This episode of Fear the Walking Dead was primarily about the relationship between Travis and Chris. Below I will give you a brief summation on the following events. We see the show pick up where we last left off, after Chris killed the lone farmer on his property defending his newfound friends.  Chris now taking on…

Quantico: (S02E01) "Kudove"

The last season of Quantico held me on by a thread when the show finally ended. I grew increasingly bored and annoyed as the season stretched on because of the constant back and forth of who the terrorist was. But despite my first season jitters, I still tuned in to watch the latest adventures of…

Fear The Walking Dead (S02E12) "Pillar of Salt"

A recap of the newest episode , “Pillar of Salt”. In this episode we see the crumbling of the camps on both Madison’s and Nick’s side. It seems although the two are several miles apart, they both simultaneously lend a hand in the fall of their settlements. On Nick’s side he’s is attempting to come up with…