Chicago PD (S05E21) "Allegiance"

With Al arrested, does Voight have one more card up his sleeve to help his old partner?

Just like the previous episode, “Allegiance” puts Voight in between situations one being the case of the week of a undercover gun take down and Al getting arrested that puts much stress to his ability.… More “Chicago PD (S05E21) "Allegiance"”

Chicago PD (S05E20) “Saved”

If you thought that someone was going to be rescued in this episode, think again! It holds another meaning and one hell of an hour for one member of the Intelligence Unit.

Chicago Med (S03E15) "Devil In Disguise"

From a bold surgical procedure to two bold medical cases and even a bold decision that could help someone’s career. Here’s a recap of this week’s Chicago Med.

When conjoined twins comes in, a couple weeks early before their separation surgery, for a heart issue, the team thinks that the best way is to move ahead the separation and to save one over the other.… More “Chicago Med (S03E15) "Devil In Disguise"”

Champions (S01E04) "My Fair Uncle"

Just as questions are being asked about how Vince and Matthew are taking care of Michael, until an unexpected guest makes his a visit.

Questioning how Vince takes care of Michael, the school has him and Matthew read Michael’s paper about his daily morning that describes his father gets to sleep with a ton of women.… More “Champions (S01E04) "My Fair Uncle"”

Champions (S01E03) "Lumps"

When the gym has a declining in female members, Vince has to complete against an all female members gym.

After seeing that there has been a decline in female membership at the gym, Vince learns that another gym has taken most of their members in an all female gym called Lumps.… More “Champions (S01E03) "Lumps"”

Chicago Med (S03E13) "Best Laid Plans"

From start to finish, this week’s episode of Chicago Med will leave you on the edge of your seat for an episode of twist and shocking turns.
Whether it’s the drama moments of Rhodes and Bekker fighting over who gets the donor heart: a man who’s been receiving transplants for the third time or a family man, who’s up for his first one.
More “Chicago Med (S03E13) "Best Laid Plans"”