Chicago PD (S06E19) “What Could Have Been” Episode Preview

Here’s a preview of this Wednesday’s episode of Chicago PD.


Chicago PD (S06E11) “Trust” Episode Preview

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Here’s a preview of Wednesday’s episode of Chicago PD titled, “Trust.”


When a defense attorney is murdered after a fundraiser, Intelligence must confront the world of campaign finance.… More

Chicago PD (S06E10) “Brotherhood”

NUP 185098 0058 595 Spoiler%2BTV%2BTransparent - Chicago PD (S06E10) "Brotherhood"

Just when you thought that the fall finale was shocking, think again! Here’s a recap!

Picking up from the fall finale, Voight gets Antonio out of the warehouse as cops were coming.… More

Chicago PD (S06E08) “Black & Blue”

Will Atwater put his heart before his badge when someone he falls in love becomes a suspect in a murder investigation?  Here’s a recap of this week’s episode of Chicago PD.… More