Suits (S08E10) “Managing Partner”

Alex (Hill) and Samantha (Heigl) are told to fight it out between them and let that determine who will be the new name partner. Their duel causes the firm to divide once again.

Suits (S08E09) “Motion to Delay”

Katrina (Schull) takes on a case that brings her and Brian even closer. In the mean time, Zane (Pierce), Specter (Macht), Litt (Hoffman) and Paulsen (Rafferty), fight to hold the firm together.

Shooter (S03E12) – “Patron Saint”


The penultimate episode of the Shooter franchise. The episode tried its best to summarize and somewhat tie off any loose ends to set up the Shooter finale.… More

Peter Jacobson: The Proxy with Moxy

I was lucky enough to have the chance to speak with actor Peter Jacobson, Proxy Snyder on USA Network’s “Colony.” He’s a down to earth, honestly nice man.More

Shooter: A New Series on USA Network

Coming to USA Network a new conspiracy thriller starring Ryan Phillippe, follows the courageous journey of Bob Lee Swagger, a highly-decorated ex-marine sniper who is coaxed back into action after he learns about a plot of kill the President.… More

Suits (S05E08) “Mea Culpa”

img 2157 - Suits (S05E08) "Mea Culpa" 
Review: this episode was great with a special guest appearance from Pretty Little Liars’s main character.

Louis is again going full deceiving on Harvey after opening up with Jack supporting him. 

The Jack and Hardman saga also. 

Mike has was given a new idea ‘If you love her don’t marry her.’

I have to say Suits are making this season awesome except the repeating part of every episode someone discovering Mike’s episode.More