Van Helsing (S03E04) “Rusty Cage”

Okay my readers, so we had another great episode brought to us again and boy was it good! Even though we didn’t see our hero Vanessa (Kelly Overton) in this episode we still had quite a fantastic episode, this is a special episode that actually does connect our hero to Vampire Sam in the series which just might connect them even further but it’s hard to say I have a theory about it and I will get to it in a little bit.… More “Van Helsing (S03E04) “Rusty Cage””

Interview with Aleks Paunovic

Okay guys and gals we have a fun and amazing interview to share with all of you today, we have interviewed Aleks Paunovic. For those who don’t know Alek’s he has acted in The 100 as well as my favorite horror show Van Helsing which is just amazing if you guys haven’t seen it yet you need to.… More “Interview with Aleks Paunovic”