Wentworth (S4E10): "Smitten"

As the end draws closer, I’m finding it increasingly harder to form coherent sentences when it comes to reviewing Wentworth. And this my friends, is a good thing. It floors me still that Wentworth has the ability to elicit such profound personal responses; it is through the storytelling and the commitment of this ensemble, that we as an audience are lucky enough to sit back and feel represented.More “Wentworth (S4E10): "Smitten"”

Wentworth (S4E09): "Afterlife"

If you aren’t watching Wentworth, you should be. If you’re searching for a television show that is so much more than just that, you should be watching Wentworth. If you want a 45 minute block of mind-boggling twists and turns, psychological exploration, characters that mirror us, inspire us and floor us, then you should be watching Wentworth.… More “Wentworth (S4E09): "Afterlife"”

Interview with Socratis Otto (Wentworth)

This last week I was given the great pleasure of interviewing fellow Australian and actor, Socratis Otto, cast member of nationally and internationally acclaimed prison drama Wentworth. Socratis spoke with me about what it has been like portraying the first ever transgender character on Australian television, the responsibility he felt in authentically illustrating his characters story and the importance of having LGBTQ representations throughout the media.… More “Interview with Socratis Otto (Wentworth)”

Wentworth (S4E01)


Well that was most certainly worth the wait. After nearly a year, waiting for Team Teal to return to our screens, last night Queen Bea (Danielle Cormack) and all the members we know and love were back.More “Wentworth (S4E01)”