Alterna Comics: Go West (Issue 02)

Alright everybody so I read another great story that came from Alterna Comics line of comics that are going to be released soon in comic book stores. As you all know I reviewed the first issue of Go West, and you all know how in my review I worshiped the first issue you all are going to be hearing me worship this issue too.… More “Alterna Comics: Go West (Issue 02)”


Hostiles is Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart, Black Mass) latest epic film, set in the late 1800s.  Christian Bale plays plays legendary Calvary Captain Joe Blocker, is charged with taking Chief YellowHawk, (Wes Studi) one of his bitter rivals, back to his territory so he can die on his tribal land after being held captive for 7 years.… More “Hostiles”

Westworld (S01E03) "The Stray"

The Stray returned Westworld’s focus to Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) and Teddy (James Marsden), the first people we met in the park. The episode introduces some intriguing new stories for these characters in addition to revealing more compelling mysteries.… More “Westworld (S01E03) "The Stray"”

Hell or High Water

The Western is not dead.
Hell or High Water follows brothers Toby (Chris Pine) and Tanner Howard (Ben Foster) on a bank robbing spree throughout rural Texas. … More “Hell or High Water”