Chicken Girls (S03E07) “Anything Goes”

it’s another less than 15 minutes of fame, for the Chicken Girls and company  and “Anything Goes!” 

This week we’re in the midst of  a Mononucleosis  epidemic or, “Mono” the kissing disease.More

Chicken Girls (S03E03) “My Fair Lady”

This week’s, “My Fair Lady” isn’t about turning an ugly duckling into a well educated, socially acceptable, beautiful swan, like the Broadway musical/drama of Lerner & Loewe; but then it is…kinda sorta’ because it’s  Chicken Girls!More

Interview with Colby Ryan

Colby Ryan  300x200 - Interview with Colby Ryan

Colby Ryan has always been destined to be a performer. The Lancaster, Pennsylvania native has participated in theater since the fifth grade.More

Chicken Girls (S03E01) “Bring It On”

It’s the 3rd season and the return of  the “Birds of a Feather ” also known as “The Chicken Girls”

Premiering 1 year ago, on September 5, 2017, there are things you need to know before watching the show. 

It’s a webseries, a quasi musical and the stars are teens and tweens.  For anyone not a Milennial, familiar with or at least in the same digital game, you probably won’t care about the characters or the show.More

Interview with Hana Mae Lee

Hey everyone! I hope you’ve all been well! Today I have a special treat for you guys. I was lucky enough to interview the fabulously brilliant Hana Mae Lee!More