Veep (S07E04) “South Carolina”

Veep has never shied away from its real-life parallels and counterparts, but with this week’s “South Carolina,” the final season hits home a lot of similarities between what’s happening in Selina’s world and how these events mirror our own.… More

Gentleman Jack premieres

The series tells the story of historical figure Anne Lister, whose 4 million word diary left us with enough insight to be able to call her England’s first modern lesbian.… More

Superstore (S04E16) “Easter”

When Amy learns of the secret cameras in the store; she also learns the secrets employees say about her. Also, a runaway bunny rabbit is on the lose and Dina tries to catch it.… More

Supergirl (S04E18) “Crime and Punishment”

Alright guys and gals we had a great episode brought to us tonight and it was a good one! We had a great storyline brought to this episode and it looks like what I hoped will happen that the storyline will be multiple episodes so it will be a while before Kara can clear her name, we got a lot to cover so lets get to this review!… More