Wayne premieres

The series follows the adventures of its eponymous lead character when the 1978 Pontiac Trans Am is stolen from his father on his deathbed.… More

Bull (S03E11) “Separate Together”

Screenshot 2019 01 15 23 23 25 1 300x170 - Bull (S03E11) "Separate Together"It’a a new year and a new Bull. This mid season return, brings Diane Lindsey (Jill Flint) Bull’s romantic  interest and professional rival  to the defense table.More

Roswell, New Mexico premieres

The series is about three orphaned aliens named Max, Isobel and Michael live in Roswell, surrounded by the kitsch of a town that made its reputation as the site of an alien landing in 1947.… More

The Passage premieres

Dr. Jonas Lear who, along with his partner Dr. Tim Fanning discovers a seemingly immortal man in a South American cave, kept in a cage and fed buckets of blood by the local villagers.… More