Mortal Engines(2018)

Alright guys and gals we have a great film that I’m happy to be able to review for all of you today!… More

Tidelands premieres

It is a supernatural crime thriller about a group of sirens – mythical creatures that lured fishermen to their watery deaths with song – led by authoritarian Adrielle Cuthbert who have been living on the outskirts of a small coastal town named Orphelin Bay for centuries.… More

The Protector premieres

The series follows young shopkeeper Hakan as he discovers a deep, hidden connection to a secret, ancient order tasked with protecting the city of Istanbul.… More

Outlander (S04E06) “Blood Of My Blood”

Directing for the second time on Outlander this season is Denise Di Novi. Paired with writing from Shaina Fewell, they pull this episode together with such beauty, it’s bound to be a favorite for many fans. Before we have time to get settled in our couch cushions we’re gifted with the return of yet another friendly face. Portrayed with excellence by David Berry, Lord John Gray makes a surprise visit to Fraser's Ridge. Last we saw his handsome face, Jamie’s son was a wee lad of just six years.