Our New Baby is Here!! Welcome Our First Nerk!!

“Ladies and gentlemen, puppies and kittens….your attention, please!! With much love and dedication, to you, whatever fandom you represent, we give you Nerks of the Hub!!!” Okay, so what, exactly, **is** a Nerk? Well, we represent the geeks and nerds of almost every fandom. Do you ship it yet? That’s right!! You got it!! Geeks+Nerds=Nerks….

The 100 (S05E07) “Acceptable Losses”

Better late than never! Last episode was full or surprises, but none of them were good. For starters Octavia with the help of Kara Cooper are breeding those nasty worms in the body of the deserters. WHAT?? Yes, they are planning on using it as weapon to kill the Eligious crew and take the Valley….

The Handmaid’s Tale (S02E10) “The Last Ceremony”

Okay, well, this week’s episode was really tough. I mean, none of them are a piece of cake, it’s just too grim a story to be light viewing, but this episode was harder than most. For those of you who need a trigger warning, we’ll, consider yourself warned. It mostly concerns two shocking events. The…

Take Two premieres

Sam, a former star of a hit cop series fresh out of rehab, that teams up with  Eddie, a private investigator, to solve crimes. Desperate to restart her career, Sam talks her way into shadowing lone-wolf private investigator Eddie Valetik as research for a potential comeback role. Though Eddie resents the babysitting gig, high-spirited Sam…

SIX (S02E05) “Masks”

Ep 5, SIX on History brought to light the cracks in the armor. Addressing the PTSD these warriors fight is something that these writers do brilliantly.