Fall Series Line-Up 2019

Looking for the dates for new and returning series? Look no further. The Fall Series Line-Up gives you the information you are searching for.

Vagabond premieres

The series is a Korean spy thriller that follows the story of stuntman Cha Dal-geon.

Cha’s nephew dies in a plane crash but he survives and in his search for answers, Cha uncovers a national corruption scandal. Go Hae-ri is the daughter of a deceased marine who works for the National Intelligence Service, who decides to go undercover and help Cha.… More

Criminal premieres

It tells 12 stories across four countries – the UK, France, Spain and Germany – in four languages. Almost all the action takes place in an interview room, with occasional breaks to see the police observing from the other side of a two-way mirror and a breakout room where they have coffee.… More

The First Wives Club premieres

A trio of furious wives in varying states of crisis, each learning how to stand up to their careless husbands and put themselves first.… More

ER: 25 Years Since Pilot

It’s hard to believe that it was on this date, September 19th that television not only had changed in the medical drama but in drama in general.… More

Suits (S09E09) “Thunder Away”

Harvey (Specter) griefs the loss of his mother, while having to put up one last fight. Him and Louis (Hoffman) end up caught in the cross-fire with the people closest to them.

The Affair (S05E04) 504

This episode of The Affair reopens old wounds for some, while others develop new ones.  A wound will never heal if it has not been properly bandaged.… More

Silent Witness Season One

How many times does a TV series comes across you have never heard and found it amazing?  This summer I came across one show that aired 23 years ago.… More